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"...moves between rowdy, bluegrass rippers to warmhearted ballads with a classic country feel."

- OC Weekly


Led by front woman, banjo-ista and songwriter Katie Jo Oberthaler, Long-Beach, CA-based Katie Jo & The Mijos play bluegrass-infused honky tonk fit for a roadhouse hoedown with lyrics as tender as the partner you’d dance with. A proficient banjo player and songwriter, Katie Jo's engaging live performance and introspective writing create songs that'll grab your ear, heart and dancing boots. 

Raised on the plains of Wichita, Kansas and trained on five-string banjo in the hills of Appalachia, Katie Jo has melded her windswept country roots with the breezy notes of the Southern California country scene. In 2016, she started Katie Jo & The Mijos to blend her extensive training in bluegrass music with her love of classic country songwriting...and frankly because she was tired of the boys having all the fun at the local honky tonks. Before long, the group was playing notable festivals like Long Beach Folk Festival and Echo Park Rising and gigging regularly at well-known honky tonks and clubs through the Los Angeles area.

The band's first release, "Prairie Flower" (March 2018), highlighted four original songs written by Oberthaler ranging from modern bluegrass foot-stompers  to traditional country ballads focused on introspective lyricism. With a boisterous sound often unexpected from a diminutive female band leader, the release garnered the group a strong local following and acclaim. The OC Weekly notes, "Throughout their journey as a blossoming bluegrass-inspired country band, they’ve aligned with musicians that helped shape their sound and carve out a path in the niche music scene." 

The group is currently preparing to release its first full-length LP “Pawn Shop Queen” in early 2019.

In 2018, Katie was chosen as "Miss August" for the Banjo Babes Calendar project, which showcases 12 professional-level female banjo players across the globe. When she is not playing with the Mijos, you can also find her moonlighting on banjo with other well-known local country artists.

Katie Jo & The Mijos are Katie Oberthaler (guitar, banjo, songwriting) with a rotating lineup that includes Billy Camacho (lead guitar), Pio Gabriel (lead guitar), George Madrid (pedal steel), Daniel Chavez (electric bass), Nic Gonzalez (upgright bass), and John Villaneuva and Nick Medina (drums),

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The Long Beach Folk Revival Festival, Echo Park Rising, The Laguna Beach Fete de la Musique,, Harvelle's, The Viper Room, The Escondite, The Pike Bar, The Boathouse Collective, Mother's Tavern and more!  


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"Moves between rowdy, bluegrass rippers to warmhearted ballads with a classic country feel."
OC Weekly

“A collection of songs that will get your boots stomping and head bobbing to a mix of modern bluegrass reflections on country living in the middle of the big city" 
— Long Beach Press-Telegram

“The mix of uptempo, honky-tonk numbers and introspective ballads are based on personal narratives and give off a friendly, good-time vibe.”
— Long Beach Post